Serving the Meadow Place Community in Blaine, MN

Today (Tues. July 11), a crew from A Plus Outdoor Services (aka A+) was testing all the irrigation zones in our Meadow Place development. They turned on each zone and put white flags on sprinkler heads that need adjusting and orange flags on the sprinkler heads that need repair or replacement. If you see an A+ flag in your yard, a tech will be back Wednesday or Thursday to do the actual work. They may still have to do more testing so that they can see each sprinkler working.


As of May 1, 2023 Omega Property Management will not handle any service requests for lawn and irrigation issues. The Meadow Place HOA Board is stepping in to accept these requests, review them, and forward them to A+ Outdoors.

See our May Newsletter for more information about this change.

If you need to request a service or report a problem related to lawns and irrigation, please: